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The Human-Centric Approach to Virtual Customer Service

Kassidi Swecker Apr 5, 2024 6:45:29 PM

The idea of online, automated, or virtual customer service is the cause of eye rolls and rising blood pressure for many consumers today. Too often, automated systems are ambiguous, not designed correctly, and leave customers with unresolved questions or problems. It’s human nature to want to understand what’s happening and where you are in an unfamiliar process - especially when spending money and interacting virtually.

Queue psychology shows that the waiting experience makes all the difference in customer experience. This is why we get moved through one too many rooms at the doctor’s office and have progress bars in an online checkout system. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with a sense of calm and understanding while they are waiting to get what they want.

For businesses like car rental or self-storage facilities, operating a front desk to develop and moderate a queue is standard. It can be daunting for owners of these businesses to introduce unattended or virtual processes because they must be executed in a way that does not disrupt the standard queuing process and enhances customer experience.

Many owners and operators are turning to hybrid models that incorporate automated processes and human interaction. Let’s face it, we humans are still needed. 

One of the most effective recent examples is the use of a device in the lobby that connects to a live video feed with a support agent when needed.

This can simply be an iPad bolted to the floor or a countertop that displays a large “Welcome! Need Help?” button. Upon clicking, the customer standing in the lobby is connected with a virtual agent over a live video stream. The agent can help them start a new lease, answer questions, upgrade their service, and more.


iPad Greeting
iPad Initiating Live Agent Support Calls
iPad Live Support with Agent


For businesses with existing hardware like a lobby kiosk, they are implementing high-quality two-way video that is initiated when a customer walks into the lobby. Again, the agent can support new purchases, answer questions, update billing, and more.


LiveSwitch - Kiosk Live Video


The great thing about this model is most of these types of businesses have an existing support team to answer website inquiries and calls. They are simply redeploying those teams or a portion of those teams to oversee the in-lobby customer experience. The same technology can be used on websites and scannable QR codes to provide comprehensive virtual customer service using live video. 

As expectations for immediate service grow, businesses are getting creative to provide stellar customer service the moment a customer has an inquiry and maintain efficient operations. 

With an overwhelming number of frustrating virtual or self-service service queues today, it’s essential to introduce unattended facility models that maintain access to what many customers still need - human connection.


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