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LiveSwitch Video Vs Zoom: How They Compare | LiveSwitch

Jackie Drumm Nov 28, 2022 11:59:47 AM

Here at LiveSwitch Video, we are frequently asked how we are different from Zoom. LiveSwitch Video was launched just this year and you can think of us as the easier, warmer, better quality video conferencing platform. Here are four ways LiveSwitch Video is different (we’d say better!) than Zoom:

1. It's simple.

With LiveSwitch Video, you are never asked to download anything–no app, no installer, nothing. You can show up to meetings right on time with one click of your meeting link. LiveSwitch Video gives you the confidence that you will never be late again and that you can connect with even the least tech savvy individuals in your life.

I was recently invited to my kids’ preschool board meeting, which was held on Zoom. I’ve gotten so used to using LiveSwitch Video and accessing meetings instantly that I was disappointed (and a few minutes late!) when I tried to do the same on Zoom. I was prompted to download the latest version of Zoom, which I did. Then, when I finished the meeting, I was prompted again to update to a different version of Zoom that would work better on my Mac. 

With LiveSwitch Video, not only is there no app to download, but there is also no guest registration required. Your meeting attendees don’t have to worry about trying to get into your meeting only to find that they have to go through the process of creating an account just to join. 

Our goal is to help our users do everything as simply as possible. 

2. It's warmer. 

LiveSwitch Video isn't only the easiest video conferencing platform, it's also the warmest. LiveSwitch Video allows you to break the ice quickly, get to know the people you’re meeting with and share more about yourself. In LiveSwitch Video, users can set up their MyWorld profile, where they can share their photos, fun facts about themselves, where they went to school and even their LinkedIn profile. With these additions, it’s easier to find common ground. Meetings automatically become more fun and personable, making them feel more like in-person interactions.

With Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, it’s difficult to get to know the people you’re meeting with unless you spend time researching them beforehand.



3. The video is better quality.

On a recent focus group, we asked one of our clients how he thinks LiveSwitch Video should further differentiate itself in the market. His answer was simple:  "You guys are already different--LiveSwitch Video is much better in terms of latency and quality. You don’t talk enough about your performance of video. Our engineering team was amazed at the quality. I’ve never been on a call where people have not remarked about the quality."

He continued, "Most people think lag time can’t be better until they see LiveSwitch Video and compare. The non-verbal communication is instant, which makes the call much more natural." 

4. It gives you more for less.

LiveSwitch Video Premium accounts are less expensive than all paid Zoom accounts. While LiveSwitch Video Premium costs $10/month per user, Zoom Pro costs $14.99/month per user. 

Our free accounts provide more benefits too. With LiveSwitch Video Free, you have the ability to host unlimited meetings of up to 50 minutes in length. In contrast, free Zoom users are given a 40 minute time limit for meetings. Those ten extra minutes allow room for any time setbacks during the meeting (such as technical difficulties and tangents) and allow everyone in the meeting to feel less rushed. 

If you need longer meetings, recording, or custom branding, save money with LiveSwitch Video Premium. 

To learn more about LiveSwitch Video and why we're both cooler and warmer than Zoom, visit LiveSwitch.comto try it for free.