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LiveSwitch Unveils LiveSwitch Contact 2.0

Jackie Drumm Jan 8, 2024 11:29:55 AM

Raleigh, NC, January 8, 2024 — LiveSwitch, a leading provider of video communication solutions, announced the release of LiveSwitch Contact 2.0. The second generation of LiveSwitch Contact was developed to connect businesses with their customers on the most human level possible without requiring in-person contact.

LiveSwitch’s innovative live video products aim to transform how people and businesses perform their work. Initially released in early 2023, LiveSwitch Contact is a video communications platform that allows companies to text a link to their customers to immediately start a recorded video session. It is used heavily across many industries, including moving companies, self-storage facilities, and home services contractors, who use LiveSwitch Contact to provide service estimates virtually.

LiveSwitch Contact 2.0 is completely redesigned to improve the user experience. To simplify the solution and better meet the needs of the thousands of professionals that use LiveSwitch Contact as part of their daily operations, LiveSwitch Contact 2.0 now allows users to do the following:

- Schedule live calls.

- Integrate with their personal calendars.

- Track and receive notifications about scheduled calls and requested videos.

- Enhance team collaboration by copying managers on videos and reassigning customers to other team members.

- Upload snapshots from the field to customer records.

- Install a desktop icon for easy access to the application.

- Seamlessly tab between the following actions: start a live call, schedule a live call, record a video now, and request a video.

- Send invitations by email in addition to text messages.

- Generate a QR code that will allow customers to submit video recordings.

"We are excited to introduce LiveSwitch Contact 2.0, a game-changer in connecting businesses with their customers," said Michael Adams, CEO of LiveSwitch. "These updates are a testament to our commitment to the belief that technology can facilitate authentic, meaningful connections. LiveSwitch Contact 2.0 empowers businesses to engage with their customers in ways that were previously unimaginable, furthering our mission to build human connection."

LiveSwitch Contact 2.0 is available for immediate deployment, and existing users will receive the update seamlessly as part of their subscription. For more information about LiveSwitch Contact 2.0, please visit

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LiveSwitch is a leading communications platform provider with innovative live video products that transform how people and businesses perform their work. LiveSwitch clients include small businesses to large global, Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. Learn more about our product suite and our customized solutions.