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Webinar: 4 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Moving Business

LiveSwitch Inc. Jul 18, 2023 11:38:23 AM



The use of video is exploding in the moving industry. If you're looking to grow your moving company and interested in how technology can help, watch this webinar where you'll learn how using live and recorded video is helping moving companies:

1) Book more jobs.
2) Get more 5-star reviews.
3) Hire better candidates.
4) Properly defend against unjustified claims. 

This event was led by Winston Davis, owner of MoveUp Consulting, and hosted by LiveSwitch executive James Hatfield. 

Want to learn more but don't have time to watch the whole video? Read this post with highlights from the webinar. 


About LiveSwitch Contact

LiveSwitch Contact is an easy-to-use video walkthrough and estimate tool that moving companies and other home service professionals use to book more jobs, save time, and reduce the travel costs and productivity losses associated with in-person estimates. It helps moving companies to get eyes on a potential job and provide quicker time-to-quote for the customer.

LiveSwitch Contact works on any device, there is no app or download, and all walkthroughs are recorded for audit/discrepancy purposes or staff training initiatives. Learn more