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4 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Moving Business

Kaitlyn Baxley Jun 19, 2023 12:08:46 PM

In a webinar hosted by LiveSwitch, Winston Davis, the CEO of Move Up Consulting outlined four ways that moving companies can use video to grow their business. Winston is a highly accomplished business consultant with a specialization in the moving industry, providing valuable assistance to businesses in areas of recruiting, hiring, and retention. In his conversation with LiveSwitch’s James Hatfield, Winston explained how video is reshaping the moving industry in 2023.  He also detailed how his company used LiveSwitch Contact to expand their business.  According to Winston, here are the four ways moving companies can use live video to expand their business: 

1) Book more jobs. During the webinar, Davis highlighted the importance of using video to increase job bookings. He suggests that using video can drive bids and customer satisfaction due to its efficiency and accessibility. By utilizing LiveSwitch’s Contact feature, moving companies can connect with potential customers instantly via video links to secure estimates. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enables businesses to offer superior customer service, leading to an increased number of successful job bookings. 

2) Get more five-star reviews. One of the significant benefits of incorporating video into your moving business is its ability to garner more five-star reviews. Davis explained that videos provide a more engaging and informative experience by capturing essential elements such as body language and tone. This heightened level of engagement leaves a lasting positive impression on customers, resulting in increased satisfaction and a greater number of positive online reviews. 

3) Hire better candidates. Creating a structured workplace is crucial for any moving company seeking to thrive. Davis stressed the significance of using video as a tool for attracting and identifying top-quality candidates during the hiring process. By leveraging training videos and recordings, employees can enhance their skills and knowledge, resulting in improved performance and productivity. By implementing a structured approach and incorporating video elements, companies can effectively evaluate potential employees and hire skilled and reliable employees. 

4) Properly defend against unjustified claims. Stored video footage is a valuable asset for businesses, offering a reliable defense facing unjustified claims. Should a customer accuse an employee of causing damage to their possessions, having access to previously recorded videos can provide concrete evidence and help resolve disputes. This safeguard ensures that businesses can protect their reputation, leading to improved company reviews and enhanced trust from customers. 

If you’d like to hear more from Winston on this topic, you can access the full webinar recording here

About LiveSwitch Contact

LiveSwitch Contact is a browser-based tool utilized by businesses to connect with customers instantly by sending a video link, eliminating the need for any downloads. These high quality meetings work across any mobile or desktop browser. Each call can be recorded and stored within the easily accessible LiveSwitch dashboard. This tool enables businesses to provide remote estimates and support while effectively saving time.

About Move Up Consulting 

Move Up Consulting is a specialized firm that supports businesses in the moving and storage industry, focusing on recruiting, hiring, and retaining crew and support staff. The company’s approach is centered on identifying and resolving underlying issues within client’s business foundations, emphasizing a long-term approach rather than short-term gains. Move Up Consulting acts as a trusted coach, guiding moving business owners to continued success in their ventures.