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Thriving in the Home Services Industry Part 4: Insights From a Service Business Expert

Kassidi Swecker Nov 3, 2023 12:36:09 PM

In a recent webinar hosted by LiveSwitch, Kaleb Smith, founder of Sod Smith, and James Hatfield, Chief Revenue Officer at LiveSwitch, discussed numerous ways to thrive in the home service industry. During the Q&A, they answered questions from the audience, with Kaleb sharing valuable insights on improving businesses. Here, we've gathered some of his noteworthy responses.


(1) Employee Management and Retention: 

Kaleb's approach to maintaining a motivated and efficient team involves offering competitive pay, paid time off, daily meals, and providing a positive work environment. He recruits mainly through referrals, using a local college to find hard-working, motivated individuals. Employee bonuses are tied to performance and customer reviews, fostering healthy competition.


(2) Utilizing Technology for Customer Engagement: 

Kaleb leverages technology to improve customer interaction. He utilizes "Video Dropbox" functionality to allow customers to send videos of their project needs, enabling him to offer more accurate estimates. This tool streamlines communication and enhances the customer experience.


(3) Google Business Profile Optimization: 

Kaleb underscores the importance of maintaining an active Google Business profile. Promptly responding to reviews with personalized replies demonstrates genuine customer care. He recommends consistent posting of before-and-after project photos to demonstrate activity on the platform and improve search visibility.


(4) Building a Strong Online Presence: 

While social media can be valuable, Kaleb suggests focusing on platforms that directly impact your target market. For instance, he emphasizes YouTube for sharing informative videos relevant to your industry that tie into your Google Business profile. This approach provides value to potential customers and enhances your online reputation.


(5) Efficient Remote Communication: 

Kaleb uses the LiveSwitch platform to facilitate remote communication with customers. By allowing clients to record video walkthroughs of their needs, he can offer accurate estimates and solutions. The recorded videos are stored securely in a centralized location, ensuring clear communication and easy access.


(6) Creating a Positive Company Culture: 

Kaleb promotes a strong company culture by organizing team gatherings, offering perks like meals and uniforms, and fostering a competitive environment with bonuses tied to performance. This positive culture has led to high employee retention rates and a stellar reputation for his business.

Incorporating these insights into your service business can help you build a motivated team, engage effectively with customers, optimize your online presence, and create a positive company culture that contributes to long-term success.




About LiveSwitch Contact

LiveSwitch Contact is an easy-to-use video walkthrough and estimate tool that moving companies and other home service professionals use to book more jobs, save time, and reduce the travel costs and productivity losses associated with in-person estimates. It helps moving companies to get eyes on a potential job and provide quicker time-to-quote for the customer.

LiveSwitch Contact works on any device, there is no app or download, and all walkthroughs are recorded for audit/discrepancy purposes or staff training initiatives. Learn more