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LiveSwitch Supports Companies Affected by the Discontinuation of StreemCore

Kassidi Swecker Jan 29, 2024 5:28:16 PM

Many customers using Streem as a video tool for remote support and virtual assistance were disappointed to learn last week that the StreemCore product is being discontinued and support for third-party users ends on April 24, 2024.  Understandably, many companies currently using the tool have been left scrambling to find a suitable alternative for providing virtual inspections, remote customer support, and video-documented field service.

Fortunately, there are several options available to help impacted companies limit disruptions to service and continue to provide five-star service to their customers.

For companies providing virtual inspections, remote customer support, field service, or sales, LiveSwitch Contact is a great alternative to Streem. Like Streem, users can be invited by text message (or email) to join a high-quality video session that is automatically recorded, there is no need to download or install any software, and service providers can capture high-resolution photos remotely from the other party’s phone or tablet.

Unlike Streem, LiveSwitch supports two-way video calls that allow the service provider to build additional trust and familiarity with their prospects and customers alike.  Furthermore, LiveSwitch offers more than just live calls.

Service providers using LiveSwitch can request asynchronous video recordings from customers or team members, as well as record their own videos to document on-site activities. All videos are automatically recorded and uploaded to a personal dashboard organized by the customer, with the ability to take notes and capture screenshots while watching the recording playback.

Ryan Gaus, SVP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at LiveSwitch added, “Over the past few days, I’ve heard from several affected companies who were caught off guard by the news and have been looking for a suitable replacement that has many of the same features they loved about Streem. Their requirements have aligned perfectly with what LiveSwitch offers: a simple, user-friendly video solution that works on any device, records all sessions, and doesn’t require downloading an app.  And, most importantly, LiveSwitch will continue to work after April 24th, ensuring they can continue to operate efficiently and remotely to provide their customers with fantastic service.”

LiveSwitch subscriptions are priced on an unlimited-use basis, include all product features, and accommodate all the storage you may need. 

If Streem ending support for third parties is impacting your company, please reach out to for a demo of LiveSwitch Contact, or you can learn more about the product. Our team can set you up with a risk-free subscription, get you up and running in less than 1 hour, and help alleviate any impact on your customers or operations.


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