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Special Offer for Supermove Customers

supermove and liveswitch
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Supermove customers get a 10% discount on their monthly LiveSwitch Contact subscription. Complete this form to receive your discount and gain access to the product today.


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LiveSwitch has partnered with Supermove to provide a quick and easy way for moving companies to connect with customers. Get your eyes on a client's space and items remotely, provide accurate quotes and come prepared with the correct equipment and team members.

With no app to download, both users are connected to high-quality video and audio with just one click.  Sessions can be recorded to review later, to maintain an audit trail, or for training purposes. Plus, customers can record their own videos which are uploaded to their individual record in your dashboard.

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We've been in business for about 35 years. We manage over 1,000 units in the long-term residential management industry, so we chose LiveSwitch Contact because it's so easy to use. Our customers love that they don't have to download an app. They can just click a button and we can have our eyes on our properties throughout our region without having to drive around.


Brad Johnson
CEO | Sweyer Property Management

[With LiveSwitch Contact] you get your money back in the investment by just using it once for a job that could be an 8 hour round trip.


Kevin Joshua
Owner | Trinity Movers

With LiveSwitch Contact, I can perform instant video quotes and save a lot of time and trouble. The LiveSwitch team is great to work with!


Hadi Chammah
Sales Director | Safe & Sound Moving

Not only is LiveSwitch Contact convenient and easy to use but it brings peace of mind to our customers. Connecting with them by video before their move helps ensure we're providing an accurate estimate for our services and gives them confidence that we're a professional, trustworthy organization.


Chris Knowles
Owner | True Friends Moving

After seeing the simplicity and personalization within LiveSwitch Video, I made the switch immediately. The 'MyWorld' area is genius because it opens conversations easily without the overwhelm of trying to find information on who I want to meet. I also love how easy it is to start a video call with LiveSwitch Video; there are no software downloads or annoying sign ups required.


Eddie Sand
Sales Communicator | Sand Marketing Systems


How does LiveSwitch work?

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Text video links

Using a customer's phone number, generate a unique video link that is automatically shared via text.

1-On-1 Video Calls

After texting a link, easily connect through high-quality video calls over any desktop or mobile browser.

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Conversation Recordings

Record any call for documentation, training, and dispute resolution. All recordings are stored and easily accessible within the LiveSwitch Contact dashboard.

Cross-Device Video Tool

Available on every phone, tablet, or desktop browser, the LiveSwitch Contact dashboard and video calls work anywhere.
No downloads or updates required.