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Webinar: Creating a Better Customer Experience: The Balance of Technology & Human Touch

LiveSwitch Inc. Dec 5, 2023 1:46:53 PM

This webinar is designed for self-storage businesses looking to enhance their customer experience by leveraging technology while maintaining a personal and empathetic touch in their services.

Anthony Krupa, a self-storage expert consultant, and James Hatfield, chief revenue officer of LiveSwitch, will provide actionable insights on how to strengthen your customer experience and share best practices built from years of experience!


About LiveSwitch Contact

LiveSwitch Contact is an easy-to-use video tool that self storage companies and other home service professionals use to connect with customers from anywhere, document on-site units or maintenance, capture more leads, and reduce the travel costs associated with in-person work. 

LiveSwitch Contact works on any device, there is no app or download, and all walkthroughs are recorded for audit/discrepancy purposes or staff training initiatives. Learn more with a quick demo.