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9 Moving Industry Influencers You Should Know

Jackie Drumm Feb 23, 2023 10:24:27 AM

The LiveSwitch Contact team has worked hard in recent months to soak up all of the knowledge we can about the moving industry and meet the people driving the industry forward. Below is a list of moving industry influencers we’ve learned from, gotten the chance to meet and think you should know. Check them out, join their groups, watch their videos, download their podcasts and try their services. They’re all here to help moving businesses thrive. 

We couldn’t stand to rank them, so here they are, alphabetically!


Bryan Bloom, Mover Search Marketing

Bryan Bloom is one of the moving industry's digital marketing experts and founder of Mover Search Marketing. Bloom and his team help movers across the U.S. grow their businesses through SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (paid advertising) and website design.

Bloom’s expertise grew from his own experience running a moving business. He is the former owner of Priority Moving in San Diego. With Bloom at the helm, Priority Moving secured the top positions in search results for the most important keywords and experienced explosive growth. Subsequently, Bloom sold the company. Today, he is well known in the moving industry, has authored many articles about SEO for movers and speaks regularly throughout the United States.


Jae Burnham, 7 Figure Moving Academy

Jae Burnham is the creator of the popular YouTube Channel 7 Figure Moving Academy and the Facebook group with the same name. His almost 9,000 followers agree that he’s a pioneer in the moving industry. He has helped many movers start and run their moving businesses through his videos and consulting practice. 

A moving industry professional, Burnham owned a successful moving company in Lansing, Michigan, before directing his attention to teaching others his craft.


Tim Callahan, Moversville

Tim Callahan is president of Moversville, best known for providing top-notch email marketing services for moving companies. Through his weekly Moversville newsletter and his Moversville Connect service, Callahan also connects thousands of moving companies with resources and services that help them grow their businesses. 

Callahan grew up in the business. His dad started a moving company 30 years ago, which he still owns today. Callahan realized the power of email marketing for movers after helping his dad send emails to previous clients that generated new business within hours.


Winston Davis, MoveUp Consulting

Winston Davis is the CEO and Founder of MoveUp Consulting, a leading recruiting firm for the moving and storage industry. MoveUp is well known for providing done-for-you service for moving companies looking to hire movers and drivers. In addition to leading the team at MoveUp, Davis runs a YouTube channel and a Facebook group, “Recruiting and Hiring Strategies for Moving Companies” dedicated to training and knowledge sharing in the moving industry. 

Before founding MoveUp, Winston led sales for a franchised moving and junk hauling company in Northern Virginia. While there, he developed systems and workflows that doubled the locations in just a few years. 


Blake Fitzpatrick, Sunshine Movers of Sarasota

Nearly a decade ago, Blake Fitzpatrick founded Sunshine Movers of Sarasota, a 5-star moving business in Florida. In addition to running a booming moving business, he also operates a popular Facebook group, “Moving Company Owners Unite,” which has become a go-to resource for moving company owners and principals who are looking to network, ask for advice and pass along their recommendations. 

A tribute to Fitzpatrick’s dedication to customer service, Sunshine Movers was named to the list of the “Top 5 Small Businesses of Sarasota.”


Ed Katz, International Office Moving Institute

Ed Katz is the Founder and President of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), an independent office moving training organization. A legend in the moving industry, Katz has led IOMI for more than 35 years and has trained all of the world’s largest agents, van lines and independent moving companies to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers®. Ed is also the host of the podcast Commercial Relocation Happy Hour and the author of books such as Business Success: Do as I Say, Not as I Did.

Before starting IOMI®, Ed founded Peachtree Movers in Atlanta and operated the business for nearly 24 years. During that time, the Gallup Poll ranked Peachtree Movers number one in office moving.


Dwyght Mack, Mack's Moving Training 

Dwyght Mack is the owner of Mack's Moving Company based out of Albany, New York. He founded the company in 2014 and is well-known amongst his community and peers for going above and beyond to serve his customers. In addition to his continued leadership at Mack’s Moving Company, Mack founded Mack’s Moving Training last year in an effort to share the insight he’s gained running a successful moving business with members of other moving organizations throughout the country. 

Since launching Mack’s Moving Training, Mack started a YouTube channel and a Facebook Group, “Running a Profitable Moving Company,” where he encourages networking and shares content like his new ebook, 8 Big Small Business Mistakes


Wade Swikle, 2 College Brothers Moving & Storage 

Wade Swikle owns 2 College Brothers Moving & Storage in Gainesville and Tampa, Florida, but his involvement in the moving industry doesn’t stop there. Not even close. On his popular podcast, “Grow Your Moving Company,” he showcases industry experts and successful moving companies from around the world, who offer valuable advice and growth strategies for movers. Swikle also hosts Moving Titan Retreats, which are events for moving company owners who want to take their business to the next level by learning best practices from some of the industry’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. A member of our team attended the most recent retreat and was blown away by all that he learned and the people he met. 


Travis Weathers, Rotate Digital 

Travis Weathers is the CEO and founder of Rotate Digital, a leading SEO agency for moving companies. Founded in 2015, Rotate Digital has worked with hundreds of companies to get their brand visible on Google and generate millions of dollars in new revenue.

In addition to being a regular on the stages of industry conferences and webinars, he can be found on the Rotate Digital YouTube channel, where he regularly shares actionable marketing advice for moving companies looking to grow. This year, in partnership with LiveSwitch and Supermove, Weathers also helped launched the first Virtual Movers Conference (MoverCon), a day-long online event dedicated to professional development for movers. 

Are there other moving industry influencers we should know? Email me at jackie.drumm[AT] to let me know who! In the meantime, check out LiveSwitch Contact to learn more about how we are serving the moving industry by making virtual estimates simple.


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