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Seven Tips for Using Live Video in Property Management

Ryan Gaus Jan 12, 2023 8:43:34 PM

Recently, I've been working with Property Managers who oversee both traditional, long-term rentals as well as vacation or short-term rentals. Many have shared that while the benefits and flexibility of remote work have allowed them to retain existing and find new talent, it has introduced a new set of challenges in terms of managing day-to-day operations and addressing tenant concerns and issues.

Real-time video solutions like LiveSwitch Contact are helping to solve those challenges and are providing property managers with new ways for communicating with tenants, guests, vendors, and contractors from anywhere. I have seen the benefits first-hand as I've incorporated real-time video into the management of my own portfolio, consisting of single-family homes, small multi-unit dwellings, and a small apartment building that are all rented out to long-term occupants. We've also recently taken on a small (but growing) number of short-term rentals. Video has allowed me to more efficiently manage my portfolio while balancing the demands of my "real" job, family life, and other personal interests, and it can do the same for you.

Here are seven tips for how property managers of all shapes and sizes can use real-time video to enhance tenant & guest experiences, improve the efficiency of their operations, and put more time back in their day.

1. Repair Requests.

When a tenant calls in with a maintenance concern or repair request, easily assess and document these maintenance requests by visually determining the severity and priority of the request.  This will help not only with resource allocation and scheduling but will also help ensure you send the right team to complete the job.


2. Address Guest Concerns

In the short-term and vacation rental space, quickly respond to and address guest concerns and make sure you fix the problem the first time by being able to "see what they are seeing" inside the property. The guest will appreciate the responsiveness, and you'll increase the likelihood of receiving a 5-star review.


3. Vendor Communication

Communicate over video with cleaners, handymen, and other home service professionals to walk them through the request and ensure everyone is on the same page with the work that needs to be done.


4. Maintenance & Repair Verification 

Verify that maintenance & repair tasks have been completed satisfactorily. Tenants will be happy that repairs have been performed efficiently, guests will be delighted to enter a property in tip-top shape, and you can reduce the number of times you need to send maintenance staff or contractors for re-work.


5. Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

Provide tenants with the ability to conduct move-in and move-out inspections virtually, with you guiding the way. Bonus points to you for having a live recording that captures the state of the property at both the beginning and end of the term, which can be useful in case of any disagreement.


6. Manage Unit Turns

The quicker we can manage unit turns and get properties back into a rent-ready position, the better for our bottom line. You can help keep unit turns on schedule by managing designers, stagers, contractors, punch-lists, and more with real-time video communication.


7. Conduct Virtual Tours

Instantly connect with prospective tenants or guests, no matter where in the world they happen to be, and conduct virtual tours of potential units. Sales and office staff can also be your eyes and ears on the ground, walking the unit while you join remotely by video.

While there are a lot of benefits to using live video, there are a few things to consider before implementing. You'll need a solution that works on any device (phone, tablet, computer) to account for all the ways that tenants, guests, vendors, and your staff will need to be able to communicate. It's also best to avoid solutions that require an application to be downloaded and installed. While an app won't pose issues for your staff, it likely will for tenants, guests, and vendors, who may be hesitant to download an app for what will be infrequent (or even one-time) use for them. It also can add significant delays (and frustrations), whereas with a one-click, app-less solution you can be connected by video in mere seconds.

If you'd like to learn more about LiveSwitch Contact or start your free demo, contact our team today.