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10 Benefits of Live Video for Commercial Cleaning Companies

Kassidi Swecker Oct 2, 2023 1:07:56 PM

With pockets of growth in the commercial real estate market and an increased focus on health as more companies return to office, there is a large opportunity today for commercial cleaning companies. By using new technologies, it’s possible to quickly capture new prospects the moment they need your services and outpace competition without having to add more team members.

A growing number of commercial cleaning companies are using live video tools to expand their footprint, streamline their operations, and make more money. Some companies send prospects a video call link immediately after they contact the company with interest in their services. Other cleaning companies are adding live, instant video chat to their websites. Here are the top ways live video is being used today:


(1) Capture leads quickly

Speak with a prospect the moment they express interest in cleaning services on your website. Live video allows potential customers to speak face-to-face to a member of your team instead of scheduling a time to speak or waiting for a call back. Video tools like LiveSwitch Concierge allow companies to replace typical automated website chat beacons with a high-quality live video stream. That means a prospect can speak with a real person to explain the job and ask questions, instead of moving on to a competitor.

(2) Pre-qualify jobs

Learn about the facility size, building requirements, service duration, and any unique considerations before even getting on the road. Unlike relying on photos alone, live video provides insight into the entirety of a job and provides an opportunity to ask questions that would normally have to wait for the in-person walkthrough. Plus, pre-qualifying jobs means you arrive with the correct team and equipment.

(3) Transparency and accountability

Live video provides clients with real-time visibility into the process. This transparency builds trust and assures clients that the cleaning company is delivering the services they expect.

(4) Quality control and remote management

Supervisors have the ability to monitor how jobs are being completed in real time or as part of a review. This ensures tasks are performed correctly and company standards are upheld. This also means teams can be managed remotely with confidence.

(5) Issue resolution

When clients or staff encounter issues, live video enables prompt communication and resolution. This minimizes delays, prevents misunderstandings, and leads to higher client satisfaction.

(6) Resource optimization

Instead of traveling to every estimate, team members can use video instead to free up time in their day. That means schedules, routes, and resource allocation can be optimized to put team members where they are most valuable throughout the day.

(7) Customer engagement

Offering video as part of services enhances the customer experience. Clients can feel confident they are receiving accurate estimates, all jobs are being documented, and questions can be asked at any time.

(8) Differentiation

Utilizing video can set a company apart from competitors. Marketing gold-standard service using easy but powerful technology demonstrates a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

(9) Increase upsell opportunities

When using live video you can get eyes on areas of a property that were not initially mentioned by a client. Make recommendations for additional services that can be provided by your team without having to walk the entire space or schedule a second appointment.

(10) Job documentation

Maintain records of any interaction with a client and your team. From an initial estimate to working with a recurring client, recorded video sessions create a library of documentation to assess a team’s work for internal review, to defend against claims and review agreed-upon terms. Plus, some video tools like LiveSwitch Contact allow you to take screenshots during live video calls and record the entire session, which can be used for future reference.


As technology continues to emerge that makes consumers’ everyday lives easier, it’s important for commercial cleaning business owners to keep up and differentiate themselves. Tools that incorporate live and on-demand video are increasing in popularity because of the benefit to the consumer and the business owner. To learn more about how LiveSwitch can benefit your business contact us today.



About LiveSwitch Contact

LiveSwitch Contact is an easy-to-use video walkthrough and estimate tool that moving companies and other home service professionals use to book more jobs, save time, and reduce the travel costs and productivity losses associated with in-person estimates. It helps moving companies to get eyes on a potential job and provide quicker time-to-quote for the customer.

LiveSwitch Contact works on any device, there is no app or download, and all walkthroughs are recorded for audit/discrepancy purposes or staff training initiatives. Learn more